Take a Girl like You

Take a Girl like You

Jonathan Miller (1970)

15 Certificate


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Kingsley Amis's novel about a northern girl who teaches in a London grammar school was published in 1960 and fed off the 1950s society of frugality and furtive sex. Filmed at the tail end of 1960s, it seemed dated on release, with Hayley Mills valiantly trying to remain virginal despite the best efforts of Labour councillor and landlord John Bird and fellow teacher Oliver Reed, who of course is the art teacher and a bit of a bohemian. It's directed with an uncertain feeling by regarded intellectual Jonathan Miller.


A naive young woman from a rural area moves to London to pursue a teaching career, where she lodges with a bickering married couple and is pursued by a man determined to seduce her. The lecherous fellow's more easygoing friend offers to introduce her to city life - while discreetly trying to woo her himself. Comedy drama based on the novel by Kingsley Amis, starring Hayley Mills and Oliver Reed.

Cast & Crew

Jenny Bunn Hayley Mills
Patrick Standish Oliver Reed
Julian Ormerod Noel Harrison
Dick Thompson John Bird
Martha Thompson Sheila Hancock
Wendy Aimi MacDonald
Anna Le Page Geraldine Sherman
Graham McClintoch Ronald Lacey
Director Jonathan Miller
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Columbia Picture Corp. LtdAvailable on: video
Drama Comedy