A Kind of Magic

A Kind of Magic

Tosca Musk (2015)

PG Certificate


When the son of a prominent witch family falls for a psychiatrist, he suddenly loses his abilities and she gains his magical powers instead. Romantic fantasy, starring Ryan McPartlin, Azie Tesfai, Damien Bodie and Amanda Carlin.

Cast & Crew

Matt Ryan McPartlin
Lacy Azie Tesfai
Alex Damien Bodie
Sybil Amanda Carlin
Sara Nikki Deloach
Jason Jeff Doucette
Maggie Carolyn Hennesy
Boyfriend Logan Hunt
Ben Alex Hyde-White
Abby Harley Jane Kozak
Lizzy Briana Lane
Dennis Steve Marvel
Colin Jonathan Patrick Moore
Great Grandmother Jenny O'Hara
Barista Darnell Rhea
Director Tosca Musk
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