Grave Secrets: the Legacy of Hilltop Drive

Grave Secrets: the Legacy of Hilltop Drive

John Patterson (1992)

15 Certificate


Our Score
This is based on a true story, although the more sceptical among you might say the participants have seen Poltergeist too many times. David Selby and Patty Duke are the nice suburban couple who move into their dream home, only to discover that not only is it haunted but the development has been built on top of an ancient burial site. As it's a TV movie, director John Patterson doesn't really get the chance to spring any jolting shocks and, although the true-story angle gives it a certain curiosity value, it's nowhere near as much fun as Tobe Hooper's earlier exhilarating ride.


A family moves into a new housing development built on a graveyard, and soon the residents start to experience disturbing supernatural phenomena. Thriller, starring Patty Duke, David Selby and Kiersten Warren.

Cast & Crew

Jean Williams Patty Duke
Shag Williams David Selby
Tina Williams Kiersten Warren
WD Marshall Blake Clark
Director John Patterson

Other Information

Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video