Perfect Match

Perfect Match

Ron Oliver (2015)

PG Certificate


When two event planners are forced to work together to organise a wedding for an engaged couple that cannot agree, they learn that opposites can produce the most unexpected results. Comedy, starring Danica McKellar, Paul Greene and Linda Gray.

Cast & Crew

Jessica Danica McKellar
Adam Parker Paul Greene
Luke Graham Verchere
Lucy Elise Gatien
Paul Anthony Konechny
Gabby Linda Gray
Kenny Kwon Nelson Wong
Amy Nicole Shorrock
Burt D Harlan Cutshall
Kate Conchita Campbell
Sal Marco Soriano
Felicia Meghan Gardiner
Wedding Coordinator Robin Givens
Reverend Ian James Hawkins
Groom Romuald Hivert
Director Ron Oliver
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Other Information

Comedy Drama