The President's Mistress

The President's Mistress

John Llewellyn Moxey (1978)

PG Certificate


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A fresh-faced Beau Bridges heads an unconvincing cast in this creaky and slow-moving 1970s TV movie, in which he plays a US government courier embroiled in a deadly cover-up involving the US President. Mirroring the stilted performances of his co-stars, he behaves increasingly irrationally as he investigates far-fetched events relating to his sister (played by Little House on the Prairie's Karen Grassle) - the titular secret mistress. Deceit, espionage and murder are all part of the book-based mix, but the film's disjointed composition and unnatural dialogue and acting mean these theoretically juicy elements lack impact, particularly in the dull climax. Ultimately, the best thing about the project is its atmospheric Lalo Schifrin score, and look out for Larry Hagman in a small, pre-Dallas role as an unscrupulous White House aide.


A courier investigates the murder of his sister, uncovering evidence that she was having an affair with the President and may have been a KGB agent sent to spy on him. Drama, starring Beau Bridges, Larry Hagman, Susan Blanchard and Karen Grassle.

Cast & Crew

Ben Morton Beau Bridges
Ed Murphy Larry Hagman
Margaret Evans Susan Blanchard
Donna Morton Karen Grassle
Craig Don Porter
Gwen Bowers Gail Strickland
Anatoly Titos Vandis
Jim Gilkrest Joel Fabiani
Director John Llewellyn Moxey
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColour