Hostel: Part III

Hostel: Part III

Scott Spiegel (2011)

18 Certificate


Our Score
Four buddies on a Las Vegas stag do become the entertainment in the sickest show in town in this limp and underwhelming cash-in, directed by the executive producer of the previous Hostel shockers. Playing like a torture porn version of The Hangover, the film opens promisingly with a nice twist but then massively fails to meet expectations; winding up devoid of tension, titillation or shock. Hardcore horror fans will struggle for kicks, as the elite hunting games of the challenging first two movies are turned into a spectator sport involving an underused "wheel of misfortune." Bland characters consequently suffer unimaginative and timidly shot torment, that sees the franchise's infamous sadism jettisoned in favour of quick and forgettable kills (death by cockroaches being the weakest), and insufficient gore. An obligatory final sting conveniently ties together loose ends, but the lack of realism just renders events unsatisfyingly ridiculous.


Four men on a stag party in Las Vegas are lured by two seductive women into attending what they think is a private party. When they arrive, they are kidnapped by members of a sadistic secret club, who need victims to torture as part of their horrific games. Horror sequel, starring Thomas Kretschmann, Zulay Henao and Kip Pardue.

Cast & Crew

Carter McMullen Kip Pardue
Scott Brian Hallisay
Flemming Thomas Kretschmann
Justin John Hensley
Kendra Sarah Habel
Travis Chris Coy
Mike Malloy Skyler Stone
Director Scott Spiegel
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Violence.Available on: DVD