The Relentless Four

The Relentless Four

Primo Zeglio (1965)



Our Score
Standard spaghetti western where Adam West debuts the camp cartoon fist fights he would later perfect as TV's Batman.


A Texas Ranger's pursuit of four outlaws is complicated when they framed him for a murder he never committed. Western, starring Adam West, Claidio Undari, Dina Loy and Luis Induni.

Cast & Crew

Sam Garrett Adam West
Implacable Claudio Undari
Susan Terry Dina Loy
Sheriff Luis Induni
Implacable Jose Jaspe
Implacable Raf Baldassarre
John John Bartha
Comisario Cris Huerta
Director Primo Zeglio
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Other Information

Language: Some dialogue dubbedColour