The Commune

The Commune

Thomas Vinterberg (2016)

15 Certificate
Sun 27 Aug 9:15am - 11:15am Sky Cinema Select


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Though set in the 1970s - a period now synonymous with egregious sexism and Olympic levels of smoking, both of which are covered here - this intimate drama isn't a retroactive critique of its time. Instead, though boasting a populous cast who move in with architectural lecturer Erik (Ulrich Thomsen) and his TV presenter wife Anna (Trine Dyrholm) to share the costs of his inherited mansion house, The Commune is a poignant, bittersweet study of a marriage in decline from director Thomas Vinterberg (Festen). The idea is Anna's, hoping to bring some excitement into her pleasant but humdrum life, but when Erik falls in love with one of his female students and brings her home, she gets more than she bargained for. In other hands, this could easily be a pious period piece, but this isn't the story of a social experiment gone wrong. On the contrary, the commune itself seems to thrive, serving as a Greek chorus of sorts as Erik and Anna - both beautifully portrayed by Thomsen and Dyrholm - wilfully sabotage their suburban utopia.


A couple establish a commune in a large house in 1970s Copenhagen, encouraging anyone who wants to escape the outside world to join them and their daughter. A succession of unusual characters pass through the collective, but their supposed utopia looks set to be torn apart by an affair within the group. Drama, starring Ulrich Thomsen and Fares Fares. In Danish.

Cast & Crew

Erik Ulrich Thomsen
Anna Trine Dyrholm
Allon Fares Fares
Emma Helene Reingaard Neumann
Freja Martha Sofie Wallstrom Hansen
Ole Lars Ranthe
Steffen Magnus Millang
Ditte Anne Gry Henningsen
Mona Julie Agnete Vang
Director Thomas Vinterberg
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Other Information

Language: Danish +subtitlesColourTheatrical distributor: Curzon Artificial EyeReleased on: 29 Jul 2016