Girl Loves Boy

Girl Loves Boy

Duncan Mansfield (1937)

U Certificate


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Not a very original title, but the action (if that's the right word) is even less inspired. Co-written by director Duncan Mansfield, this halting melodrama stars Eric Linden, whose career never really took off after he showed promise playing James Cagney's brother in 1932's The Crowd Roars. Here Linden's character gets his just desserts after he spurns the love of perky Cecilia Parker and chooses a gold-digging girl instead. There's only one way this kind of story could end, but it seems to take an eternity to reach its inevitable conclusion.


A rich playboy falls for the daughter of a penniless widow. Romantic drama, starring Eric Linden, Cecilia Parker and Roger Imhof.

Cast & Crew

Robert Conrad Eric Linden
Dorothy McCarthy Cecilia Parker
Charles Conrad Roger Imhof
Director Duncan Mansfield

Other Information

Language: EnglishColour