For Those in Peril

For Those in Peril

Charles Crichton (1943)

U Certificate


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Documentarist Harry Watt and future Ealing comedy scribe TEB Clarke united for this flag-waver, that, like so many combat films of the Second World War, has a uniquely realist edge. Charles Crichton made his directorial debut with this bullish tale about the rivalry between David Farrar's air-sea rescue unit and a bigger patrol boat. Although the action sags as ace pilot Ralph Michael has to learn the importance of teamwork, the scenes in which he races against time to fish survivors out of the drink before a Nazi craft reaches them have an exciting, pseudo-newsreel feel to them, thanks to Douglas Slocombe's fine photography.


A man is desperate to join the RAF, but is turned down on medical grounds. He reluctantly joins the crew of a rescue boat, and resents his duties - but as he comes to the aid of pilots who have been shot down, he comes to realise his vessel serves a vital purpose. Second World War drama, starring Ralph Michael and David Farrar.

Cast & Crew

PO Rawlings Ralph Michael
Lt Murray David Farrar
Sqr Ldr Leverett Robert Wyndham
Wilkie John Slater
Lt Overton Tony Bazell
Pearson Leslie Clarke
Coxswain Robert Griffith
Air gunner William Rodwell
Director Charles Crichton
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Ealing Distribution Ltd