Scooby-Doo! Knight Time Terror

Scooby-Doo! Knight Time Terror

Rick Morales (2015)

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Tomorrow 3:31pm - 4pm Boomerang
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Tuesday, 8:31am - 9am Boomerang
Tuesday, 12:31pm - 1pm Boomerang
Thursday, 7pm - 7:31pm Boomerang
Saturday, 8:31am - 9am Boomerang
Sun 29 Oct, 12:31pm - 1pm Boomerang
Mon 30 Oct, 12pm - 12:31pm Boomerang
Mon 30 Oct, 4:31pm - 5pm Boomerang
Mon 30 Oct, 7pm - 7:31pm Boomerang
Tue 31 Oct, 7am - 7:31am Boomerang
Tue 31 Oct, 12:31pm - 1pm Boomerang
Tue 31 Oct, 4pm - 4:31pm Boomerang
Tue 31 Oct, 6:31pm - 7pm Boomerang


When an old, haunted house known as Grimsley Mansion opens to the public, the gang investigates to solve the mystery behind a legendary `Black Knight'. Comedy, with the Scooby gang.

Cast & Crew

Director Rick Morales

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