Out of the Fog

Out of the Fog

Anatole Litvak (1941)

PG Certificate


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In this crime drama, a Brooklyn tailor and a short-order chef enjoy their little fishing trips around the bay, until a minor league gangster moves in, offering them protection and the tailor's daughter something else. So a plot is hatched to dispense with the mafioso's services. More of a character study than a thriller, it spins on a surprising twist and then goes on to become a sentimental tale about exploitation. Irwin Shaw's source play (presented on Broadway by Lee Strasberg's left-wing Group Theatre, out of which came the Actor's Studio and the Method) is subtly opened out by director Anatole Litvak.


A girl falls for a hoodlum, unaware he is extorting money from her father. Romantic thriller, starring John Garfield, Ida Lupino, Thomas Mitchell, Eddie Albert and George Tobias.

Cast & Crew

Actor John Garfield
Actor Ida Lupino
Actor Thomas Mitchell
Actor Eddie Albert
Actor George Tobias
Director Anatole Litvak
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Warner Bros Pictures Ltd