Cop Car

Cop Car

Jon Watts (2015)

15 Certificate


Our Score
Two runaway boys find an abandoned police car, quickly figure out how to drive it, and are soon kangaroo-ing down empty Colorado backroads, unaware that its corrupt cop driver wants it back...with extreme prejudice. Here's a high-concept B-movie of real distinction, the sheer guile of this malign cop contrasting beautifully with the innocence of the boys. It's another great bad-guy role for Kevin Bacon, whose dead eyes make no grab for sympathy, while youngsters Hays Wellford and James Freedson-Jackson make the most of their wide-eyed dialogue as the naughty boys who, for all their attempts at grown-up bluster, have no idea what danger they're in. Director Jon Watt (Clown) goes large on the Americana of rural homesteads, roadside diners and dented pickup trucks, and the tense plot ensures that even when the boys aren't being directly menaced by Bacon's Sheriff Kretzer, there's jeopardy aplenty as they start playing about with the equipment in his car. One scene with a defibrillator is so gripping, you might need one yourself.


Two 10-year-old boys find a seemingly abandoned police car in a glade and decide to take it for a joyride. However, the obsessive local sheriff is prepared to go to any lengths to get the vehicle back, and the youngsters find themselves drawn into a deadly game of cat and mouse. Crime thriller, starring Kevin Bacon and Camryn Manheim.

Cast & Crew

Sheriff Kretzer Kevin Bacon
Bev Camryn Manheim
Travis James Freedson-Jackson
Harrison Hays Wellford
Dispatch cop Kyra Sedgwick
Motorcycle cop Sean Hartley
Hostess Sit Lenh
Drunk Adam Barr
Director Jon Watts
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Violence, swearing, drug abuseAvailable on: DVD