Friday Download: the Movie

Friday Download: the Movie

John Henderson (2015)

PG Certificate
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A group of teenagers on a road trip breaks down in the middle of nowhere, and finds assistance is in short supply. The friends seek shelter in a spooky mansion, but they quickly discover there is more to their refuge than meets the eye. Comedy based on the children's TV series, starring Tyger Drew-Honey and Shannon Flynn.

Cast & Crew

Caleb Tyger Drew-Honey
Shannon Shannon Flynn
Dionne Dionne Bromfield
Bobby Bobby Lockwood
George George Sear
Mr Prim Kevin Eldon
Gene Peck Angus Barnett
Policeman David Mitchell
Director John Henderson
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Great Point MediaReleased on: 22 May 2015
Comedy Children's