Left To Die: The Sandra and Tammi Chase Story

Left to Die: the Sandra and Tammi Chase Story

Leon Ichaso (2012)

12 Certificate


Our Score
Barbara Hershey gives a strong performance here, as an American mum arrested for allegedly drug trafficking in Ecuador in this biased but unsettling true-life drama. A real tourist's worst nightmare tale, the unsubtle TV movie does all it can to stir up viewer indignation, as Hershey's ailing Sandra Chase is thrown into a seriously hellish prison for 22 months without trial, while daughter Tammi (an unconvincing Rachael Leigh Cook) fights for her release. With a shell-shocked and increasingly ill Sandra subjected to a continual barrage of attacks, thefts and abuse, and Tammi thwarted by corruption at almost every turn, Ecuador's legal system comes in for some severe vilification, making the country and its people look unfairly savage. Yet, despite the one-sided approach and the script's chuck-everything-in button pushing, events often lack the emotional punch they deserve.


A woman takes a holiday in Ecuador, but ends up arrested for drug trafficking and incarcerated in a brutal prison. Her daughter devotes herself to getting her released, facing a lengthy battle with bureaucracy and a foreign legal system she knows nothing of. Fact-based prison drama, starring Barbara Hershey and Rachael Leigh Cook.

Cast & Crew

Sandra Chase Barbara Hershey
Tammi Chase Rachael Leigh Cook
Nick Sakeris Vincent Irizarry
Alex Nicholas Gonzalez
Congresswoman Brown Michael Hyatt
Director Leon Ichaso
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Edited for violence.