Playing It Cool

Playing It Cool

Justin Reardon (2014)

15 Certificate


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Chris Evans takes a break from saving the world as Captain America to play a screenwriter struggling to write a romantic comedy because he doesn't believe in love. That all changes when he meets, and falls for, an already attached woman (Michelle Monaghan). Director Justin Reardon's feature debut starts out with the intention of being a smart pastiche of generic romantic movies, but the film's witty satire fades as it then becomes a generic romantic movie. The characters decry the clichés of movie romance while flying headfirst into their own slush-fest, with only Evans's very funny interactions between his writer friends (a group of scene-stealers including an energetic Aubrey Plaza) separating this film from the herd. Evans has charisma to spare, but his character comes across as vacuous, while Monaghan is never given much more than a few feisty scenes to develop her character. Throw in some surreal adult humour to muddle the tone, and you have a movie that (like its hero) has lost its way.


A cynical screenwriter is given the job of writing a romantic movie, despite being completely jaded about relationships. He is attracted to a woman who is already engaged, and becomes her friend in the hope that it will give him some insight into what love feels like. Romantic comedy, starring Chris Evans and Michelle Monaghan.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Chris Evans
Her Michelle Monaghan
Mallory Aubrey Plaza
Bryan Anthony Mackie
Samson Luke Wilson
Dick Patrick Warburton
Stuffy Ioan Gruffudd
Scott Topher Grace
Director Justin Reardon
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Swearing, sex scenesAvailable on: DVD
Comedy Drama