The Battle of the Damned

The Battle of the Damned

Roberto Bianchi Montero (1969)

PG Certificate
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A small band of American soldiers is sent on a dangerous mission to blow up a German fuel depot in the deserts of North Africa. Second World War drama, starring Dale Cummings, Monty Greenwood and Fabio Testi. In Italian.

Cast & Crew

Capt Bruce Clay Dale Cummings
Cpl Marwell Monty Greenwood
Pte Terry Wilson Fabio Testi
Sgt Dean Luciano Lorcas
Gen Perrymore Ferruccio Viotti
Major Carter Giacomo Rossi-Stuart
Lisa Madiha Kamel
Col Kleist Gerard Herter
Director Roberto Bianchi Montero
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Other Information

Language: Some dialogue dubbedColour