The Giants of Thessaly

The Giants of Thessaly

Riccardo Freda (1960)

U Certificate


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The reputation of the classic 1963 Jason and the Argonauts (the one with Ray Harryhausen's stop-motion Skeleton Army) is under no threat from this ropey rendition of the old Greek legend released three years before. An Italian-French co-production, it's really a mash-up of the Golden Fleece myth with Homer's Odyssey (with the inclusion of a Cyclops, a Circe-like sorceress and the Sirens) than a traditional rendition of the tale. The scene where Jason (Roland Carey) has to climb a colossal statue to snag the fleece certainly has some epic scope to it. But the Cyclops is a lumbering man-in-a-suit monster, who froths at the mouth as he gives Jason's men one of his special cuddles, while dubbed chit-chat, dubious dancing and scenes of bare-breasted blokes showing off their pecs induces more bore than awe. Just goes to show what brilliant Harryhausen special effects and a well-hewn script can do to turn legend into cinematic magic.


Ancient Greek king Jason realises that the only way to save his homeland from natural disasters and invasion is to recover the legendary golden fleece, so sets off on a voyage in search of the fabled relic. While he is gone, the friend he left in charge plots to betray him and seize the throne. Mythological adventure, starring Roland Carey and Ziva Rodann.

Cast & Crew

Jason / Giasone Roland Carey
Director Riccardo Freda

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Language: Italian dubbedColour