Doron Paz (2015)

15 Certificate


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The biblical apocalypse gets the found-footage treatment in this well-made second feature from the Paz brothers. Yael Grobglas and Danielle Jadelyn play the American tourists whose holiday in Tel Aviv takes a detour when the two young women hook up with an anthropology student to enjoy the sights of Jerusalem instead. Unfortunately, those sights turn nasty when Judgement Day becomes a terrifying reality. The sibling directors are blessed with fabulous historic locations in which to set the end of the world. But what elevates this POV horror above the norm is the use of Google glasses (as worn by Jadelyn) to record hell (literally) breaking loose - winged demons, the giant Nephilim - and the panic that ensues as the populace flees the about-to-be-sealed-off Old City. As found-footage flicks go, it's more Cloverfield than Paranormal Activity, though a visit to a blacked-out asylum and the subterranean climax are nerve-jangling reminders of how scary up-close-and-unseen horror can be. The constant snivelling and whingeing of Jadelyn's heroine is an irritating drawback, though.


Two American tourists take a trip to Jerusalem and befriend a local anthropology student who offers to be their guide to the holy city. However, their holiday takes a hellish turn when a biblical apocalypse engulfs the city, and they find themselves trapped at the centre of the mayhem. Horror, starring Yael Grobglas and Danielle Jadelyn.

Cast & Crew

Rachel Yael Grobglas
Sarah Danielle Jadelyn
Kevin Yon Tumarkin
Omar Tom Graziani
Director Doron Paz
Director Yoav Paz
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: Violence, swearing, brief nudity, drug abuseAvailable on: DVD