Catherine Corsini (2015)

15 Certificate
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Revisiting the theme of conflicted Sapphic passion she explored in Replay (2001), director Catherine Corsini and producer and life-partner Elisabeth Perez draw on their own experiences for this touching, if occasionally affected love story. Meeting in Paris in 1971, 20-something farm girl Delphine (Izïa Higelin) and Spanish teacher Carole (Cécile de France) connect through feminist politics before tumbling into bed, even though Carole (who is a decade older) is living with a man. However, while she is prepared to throw caution to the wind when the younger woman returns to Limousin to help her mother after her father has a stroke, Carole knows that the family's fate depends on the support of its highly conservative neighbours. Production designer Anna Falguères and cinematographer Jeanne Lapoirie expertly capture the town-and-country contrasts, while De France and Higelin boldly commit to their challenging, if underwritten roles. But while this is smoothly done, Corsini never quite conveys the magnitude of the risks the women are taking in trying to live on their own terms.


An ambitious farmer's daughter travels to Paris in 1971, where she falls in love with a radical feminist. She finds herself obliged to return to the family farm, and her new lover accompanies her on the journey, but their relationship is greeted with disapproval. Romantic drama, starring Cecile De France and Izia Higelin. In French.

Cast & Crew

Carole Cécile de France
Delphine Izïa Higelin
Monique Noémie Lvovsky
Antoine Kévin Azaïs
Adeline Laetitia Dosch
Manuel Benjamin Bellecour
Fabienne Sarah Suco
Marie-Laure Nathalie Beder
Charlotte Calypso Valois
Maurice Jean-Henri Compère
Prof Chambard Bruno Podalydès
Director Catherine Corsini
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Other Information

Language: French +subtitlesColourTheatrical distributor: Curzon Artificial EyeGuidance: Swearing, sex scenes, drug abuse.Released on: 15 Jul 2016