The Measure of a Man

The Measure of a Man

Stephane Brize (2015)

PG Certificate
Wed 23 Aug 8am - 9:40am Sky Cinema Select


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The pressures of the employment situation in France are depicted in such mundane, low-key detail in this subdued drama, that it sometimes feels like a staged reality show, but with little glamour or reward for those taking part in it. Vincent Lindon stars as Thierry, a laid-off factory worker in his 50s who needs a job to support his wife and disabled son. Thierry is by no means an extreme case, but through his search for work we see the constant barrage of obstacles that face the middle-aged job-seeker. Finally, just as it seems he will be unemployed for life, Thierry is taken on as a security guard by a major supermarket. Now it is Thierry's turn to observe, poring over CCTV cameras to find the workers and shoppers taking desperate measures to supplement their meagre wages. It all ends quietly, and rather abruptly, but Lindon's dignified performance drives a beautifully shot and edited slice of modern blue-collar life.


An unemployed man struggles to support his wife and son on meagre state benefits, while contending with pointless and humiliating bureaucracy as she searches for a job. He is eventually employed as a firm's head of security, only to discover his new position confronts him with a terrible moral dilemma. Drama, starring Vincent Lindon and Karine de Mirbeck. In French.

Cast & Crew

Thierry Taugourdeau Vincent Lindon
Thierry's wife Karine de Mirbeck
Thierry's son Matthieu Schaller
Job centre counsellor Yves Ory
Dance Teacher Noel Mairot
Banker Catherine Saint-Bonnet
Job centre intern Faycal Addou
Headmaster Eric Krop
Director Stephane Brize
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Other Information

Language: French +subtitlesColourTheatrical distributor: New Wave FilmsGuidance: Some swearing.Released on: 3 Jun 2016