The Sicilians

The Sicilians

Ernest Morris (1964)

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In the dying days of the British B-movie, Ernest Morris was among the busiest directors for those bastions of bargain-basement movie-making, Danziger's and Butcher's. Known for his brisk approach to shooting and his no-nonsense style, Morris was able to make even the flimsiest of crime thrillers watchable. This one is a Butcher's production about a dancer and a diplomat who search for a mafioso's kidnapped son. At the start of a ten-year stint in the UK, Robert Hutton is the imported Hollywood has-been at the head of the cast and, even though he was never more than a second-division star, he is streets ahead of this material.


An FBI agent visits England to locate a gangster's son who has been abducted by the Mafia, only to find Scotland Yard and assorted underworld figures are also seeking the culprits. Thriller, starring Robert Hutton, Reginald Marsh, Ursula Howells, Patricia Hayes and Warren Mitchell.

Cast & Crew

Actor Robert Hutton
Actor Reginald Marsh
Actor Ursula Howells
Actor Patricia Hayes
Actor Warren Mitchell
Director Ernest Morris
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Butchers Film Service Ltd