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Roger Gual (2013)

12 Certificate
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A couple manage to book a table at a highly exclusive restaurant on the Costa Brava. They are joined by a number of fellow food connoisseurs from around the world, and as the meals are served, each finds themselves having an experience that changes their life. Comedy, starring Jan Cornet, Togo Igawa and Stephen Rea. In Catalan, Spanish, English and Japanese.

Cast & Crew

Marc Jan Cornet
Ishao Togo Igawa
Walter Stephen Rea
Comptessa Fionnula Flanagan
Rachel Claudia Bassols
Mar Vicenta N'Dongo
Max Andrew Tarbet
Mina Marta Torne
Director Roger Gual
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Other Information

Language: Catalan / English / Spanish / JapaneseColour