Cimarron Strip

Cimarron Strip

Richard C Sarafian (1967)

12 Certificate


A Wild West show arrives in town and brews up trouble with its re-enactment of an infamous massacre known as the Battle of Bloody Stones, in which many Native Americans were slaughtered by the US Cavalry. Things escalate when a young Cherokee is killed after challenging the accuracy of the show, leaving his chieftain father bent on avenging his death - unless Marshal Crown can find a way to stop him. Western, starring Stuart Whitman and Henry Wilcoxon.

Cast & Crew

Marshal Jim Crown Stuart Whitman
Angus MacGregor Percy Herbert
Francis Wilde Randy Boone
Dulcey Coopersmith Jill Townsend
Wildcat Gallagher Gene Evans
Ghost Wolf Henry Wilcoxon
Bert Michael J Pollard
Sam James Hampton
Director Richard C Sarafian
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