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Paul Weitz (2015)

15 Certificate


Our Score
In her first leading role since 1988, Lily Tomlin triumphantly blows the doors off this calm yet controversial drama from About a Boy director Paul Weitz. As poet and academic Elle Reid, she must help her 18-year-old granddaughter Sage (Julia Garner) who is, in the old fashioned sense, "in trouble". Sage feels she can't ask her corporate executive mother (Marcia Gay Harden) for help and Elle thinks she knows why, beginning a process of unlocking skeletons from the family closet. The duo churn up Elle's past, too, as they tap acquaintances for the $630 needed for an abortion, including Elle's controlling ex Karl (Sam Elliott in an exceptional performance). Sexual politics, along with themes of loss and mourning mingle with fresh lessons and spiky laughs making Grandma at turns tender, pithy and abrupt. A story about intergenerational bonding in a non-icky way, it's not for the whole family, but it is one hell of a ride for anyone with a lot of miles on the biological clock.


A woman recovering from a break-up receives an unexpected visit from her granddaughter, who desperately needs to raise $600 before the end of the day. They visit a series of old contacts in search of a loan, which leads to long-buried secrets coming to light. Comedy drama, starring Lily Tomlin and Julia Garner.

Cast & Crew

Elle Reid Lily Tomlin
Sage Julia Garner
Judy Marcia Gay Harden
Olivia Judy Greer
Deathy Laverne Cox
Karl Sam Elliott
Cam Nat Wolff
Chau John Cho
Director Paul Weitz
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: SonyReleased on: 11 Dec 2015
Drama Comedy