A Family in Crisis: the Elian Gonzalez Story

A Family in Crisis: the Elian Gonzalez Story

Christopher Leitch (2000)

PG Certificate


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Given the international attention that the battle for the custody of young Elian Gonzalez received, this dramatisation does well to keep its feet (mostly) on the ground. The five-year-old who survived an ill-fated illegal crossing from Cuba to Miami became the centre of an ideological struggle as his great-uncle tried to prevent him being sent back to his father in Cuba. Director Christopher Leitch does resort to easy sentimentality at times, and the screenplay is scrappy, but the movie remains surprisingly even-handed, and is not let down by the main players, led by Esai Morales and Miguel Sandoval.


A five-year-old Cuban refugee is rescued from a disaster at sea and taken to America - where he finds himself a political pawn as relatives and two national governments haggle over his future in a headline-grabbing case. Fact-based drama, starring Esai Morales, Alec Roberts and Alan Rachins.

Cast & Crew

Juan Miguel Gonzalez Esai Morales
Elian Gonzalez Alec Roberts
Spencer Eig Alan Rachins
Marisleysis Gonzalez Laura Elena Harring
Rafael Jon Huertas
Donato Dalrymple James Quattrochi
Director Christopher Leitch
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