Dark House

Dark House

Victor Salva (2014)

18 Certificate


Our Score
You'd expect a collaboration between Tobin Bell (from the Saw horror franchise) and Jeepers Creepers director Victor Salva to be a match made in heaven (or should that be hell). The movie starts off eerily enough as Nick Di Santo (Luke Kleintank), a young psychic with absent daddy issues, wrestles with his ability to see a person's death merely by touching them. But then Nick sets off on a quest with his girlfriend and his best pal to find the mystery mansion that haunts his dreams. Enter Bell and his army of loping, trench-coated axe men, while unsubtle clues about Nick's parentage come thick and fast. Also, you just know that when a character called Lilith turns up, something infernal is round the corner. Bell's growly gravitas is always welcome but the underdeveloped plot and characterisation just leave a predictable taste in the mouth.


A man with the ability to predict violent deaths inherits a sinister mansion. He goes to visit the house, hoping it will contain answers about the source of his power and the identity of his father, but faces a battle for survival against a strange group of axe-wielding maniacs. Horror, starring Luke Kleintank and Alex McKenna.

Cast & Crew

Nick Di Santo Luke Kleintank
Eve Alex McKenna
Ryan Anthony Rey Perez
Chris McCulluch Zack Ward
Lilian Lesley-Anne Down
Seth Tobin Bell
Lilith Lacey Anzelc
Director Victor Salva
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourGuidance: ViolenceAvailable on: DVD