The Boy Who Stole a Million

The Boy Who Stole a Million

Charles Crichton (1960)

U Certificate


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Although many critics have compared this hard-times drama to Vittorio De Sica's neorealist classic Bicycle Thieves, it is, in fact, much closer in spirit to the Graham Greene-penned tale The Fallen Idol. Co-written by director Charles Crichton and one-time documentarist John Eldridge, the story of a Spanish boy who steals from a bank to help his impoverished family is supposed to be gnawingly realistic. However, not even the drab photography or the run-down locations can increase the authenticity of the protracted pursuit by some sniffy bank officials and a gang of sneaky criminals. A cloying and unconvincing disappointment.


Paco, a 12-year-old boy working in a Valencia bank as a runner, decides to 'borrow' money from the bank in order to pay the repair bill on his father's taxicab. But a bank clerk soon realises that the bank has been robbed and Paco finds himself being chased all over town by the police and local villains.

Cast & Crew

Miguel Virgilio Teixeira
Paco Maurice Reyna
Maria Marianne Benet
Luis Harold Kasket
Bank manager George Coulouris
Police chief Bill Nagy
Pedro Warren Mitchell
Mateo Tutte Lemkow
Director Charles Crichton
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Bryanston Films LtdAvailable on: DVD