The River's Edge

The River's Edge

Allan Dwan (1957)

A Certificate


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What looks at first glance like a routine action film, actually has some surprisingly ironic twists up its sleeve and conveys a rather bleak moral message. Ray Milland plays a bank robber on the run who forces Anthony Quinn and his wife, Debra Paget, to guide him and his stolen dollars across the mountainous border to Mexico. An avalanche, the pouting Paget and sundry other inconveniences hinder their progress. Although Milland is slightly miscast, Quinn delivers his usual ethnic exuberance and veteran director Allan Dwan, clearly enjoying his Mexican locations, doesn't dawdle.


A fugitive bank robber tracks down his former lover and her new husband, forcing them to help him escape across the border to Mexico with his ill-gotten gains. Crime thriller, starring Ray Milland, Anthony Quinn, Debra Paget and Harry Carey Jr.

Cast & Crew

Nardo Denning Ray Milland
Ben Cameron Anthony Quinn
Meg Cameron Debra Paget
Chet Harry Carey Jr
Whiskers Chubby Johnson
Barry Byron Foulger
Director Allan Dwan
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: 20th Century Fox Film Co. Ltd