Path of Destruction

  • Stephen Furst (2005)
  • US
  • 105 min
Path of Destruction
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1 out of 5

A cloud of experimental nanobots causes deadly superstorms across America's west coast in this increasingly ridiculous sci-fi yarn. Danica McKellar is out of her depth playing the tenacious reporter racing to clear her name - and naturally avert world disaster - after Identikit villain David Keith frames her for the escalating catastrophe. Plot holes abound as logic and realism quickly disappear, jettisoned in favour of over-the-top panic and the poorest of special effects. Lame dialogue and some ill-advised comic relief from director/supporting actor Stephen Furst add to the air of absurdity, and pave the way for a laughably unbelievable climax.

Plot Summary

Sci-fi action thriller starring David Keith and Danica McKellar. Following a massive oil-rig explosion, a deadly cloud of "nanobots" threatens a number of cities in its path. Accused of terrorism by the scientist who was really to blame, reporter Katherine Stern sets out to clear her name and to convince the authorities of the danger.

Cast and crew


Roy Stark
David Keith
Katherine Stern
Danica McKellar
Nathan McCain
Chris Pratt
Stephen Furst
Col Thomas Miller
Franklin Dennis Jones
Dr Van Owen
Richard Wharton
Michael Cory Davis
Griff Furst


Stephen Furst

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