Where There's a Will

Where There's a Will

Vernon Sewell (1955)

U Certificate


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This sporadically charming fish-out-of-water comedy sees a family of cockneys moving to the Devon countryside when they inherit a run-down farm. Director Vernon Sewell manages a few sly touches, as local housekeeper Kathleen Harrison tries to whip the work-shy Londoners into shape. George Cole gives his rent-a-spiv character another airing, and there's a young Edward Woodward lurking among the bit players. The script is by RF Delderfield, who also wrote the novel that formed the basis of the memorable BBC TV series To Serve Them All My Days.


A London family are shocked to discover they have inherited a run-down farm in the middle of the Devon countryside - but the surprises don't end there, as patriarch George Cole insists they leave city life behind and head for the great outdoors. Comedy, starring Kathleen Harrison, Leslie Dwyer and Ann Hanslip.

Cast & Crew

Fred Slater George Cole (1)
Annie Yeo Kathleen Harrison
Alfred Brewer Leslie Dwyer
June Hodge Ann Hanslip
Mr Cogent Michael Shepley
Maud Hodge Dandy Nichols
Amy Slater Thelma Ruby
Cagey Norman Macowan
Ralph Stokes Edward Woodward
Director Vernon Sewell
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Film LocationsAvailable on: DVD