7th Cavalry

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  • Joseph H Lewis (1956)
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  • 76 min
7th Cavalry
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3 out of 5

Randolph Scott played a key role in the emergence of the psychological western in the late 1950s in films such as Ride Lonesome and The Tall T where motives mattered more than action. This disjointed picture does manage to combine excitement and emotion, as Scott seeks to disprove a charge of cowardice by leading a cavalry detail to reclaim the dead after the Battle of the Little Bighorn. The skirmishes are solidly staged by B-movie specialist Joseph H Lewis, but the film's real interest lies in the way that Scott's character comes to believe that General Custer was a blundering incompetent rather than a glorious hero.

Plot Summary

Western starring Randolph Scott as Captain Tom Benson, who misses the Battle of the Little Bighorn because he is ordered by General Custer to undertake escort duties. With nobody to support his story, Benson finds himself branded a coward.

Cast and crew


Captain Tom Benson
Randolph Scott
Martha Kellogg
Barbara Hale
Sergeant Bates
Jay C Flippen
Mrs Reynolds
Jeanette Nolan
Frank Faylen
Leo Gordon
Denver Pyle
Corporal Morrison
Harry Carey Jr
Captain Benteen
Michael Pate
Lieutenant Bob Fitch
Donald Curtis


Joseph H Lewis

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Columbia Picture Corp. Ltd
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