Carry On Teacher

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  • Gerald Thomas (1959)
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  • 82 min
Carry On Teacher
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3 out of 5

The third in the Carry On series is a gentle comedy about the concerted efforts of both the pupils and staff of Maudlin Street School to dissuade headmaster Ted Ray from accepting a post elsewhere. The pranks are Bash Street Kids' calibre and raise few laughs, but the staff-room infighting is good value, with drama teacher Kenneth Williams and educational psychologist Leslie Phillips squabbling with maths teacher Hattie Jacques over corporal punishment, and gym mistress Joan Sims feuding with school assessor Rosalind Knight over weedy Kenneth Connor. Ray comes across as something of a prig and a cloying sentimentality dogs the whole affair, but it's still fun.

Plot Summary

Comedy starring Ted Ray and Kenneth Connor. When a Ministry of Education inspector visits Maudlin Street School, the pupils make sure they are on their best misbehaviour so that their headmaster, who has applied for a new job, never leaves them.

Cast and crew


William Wakefield
Ted Ray
Gregory Adams
Kenneth Connor
Michael Bean
Charles Hawtrey
Alistair Grigg
Leslie Phillips
Sarah Allcock
Joan Sims
Edwin Milton
Kenneth Williams
Grace Short
Hattie Jacques
Felicity Wheeler
Rosalind Knight
Cyril Chamberlain
Robin Stevens
Richard O'Sullivan
Sheila Dale
Carol White


Gerald Thomas

Other Information

Black and White
Theatrical distributor: 
Beaconsfield Films Ltd
Available on video and DVD
Certificate U