Son of Flubber

Son of Flubber

Robert Stevenson (1962)

U Certificate


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Viewers will remember that "flubber" was the flying rubber invented by Fred MacMurray in the fun family comedy The Absent-Minded Professor. Disney reassembled many of the same cast two years later, but usually reliable director Robert Stevenson couldn't repeat the winning formula. Most of the jokes about jumping to unfeasible heights had been used up in the original and somehow dry rain and flubber gas just don't have the same comic potential. Keenan Wynn enjoys himself as the villain and veterans Leon Ames and Charlie Ruggles demonstrate the value of experienced character support.


An eccentric inventor thinks he can make it rich by developing a means to control the weather, but his efforts end in as series of disasters. Disney's comedy sequel to The Absent Minded Professor, starring Fred MacMurray, Nancy Olson, Keenan Wynn and Tommy Kirk.

Cast & Crew

Prof Ned Brainard Fred MacMurray
Betsy Brainard Nancy Olson
Alonzo Hawk Keenan Wynn
Biff Hawk Tommy Kirk
Shelby Ashton Elliott Reid
Desiree de la Roche Joanna Moore
President Rufus Daggett Leon Ames
A J Allen Ed Wynn
Mr Hurley Ken Murray
Judge Murdock Charles Ruggles
Mr Hummel William Demarest
Mr Harker Bob Sweeney
Sportscaster Paul Lynde
Director Robert Stevenson
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: The Walt Disney Company LtdAvailable on: video and DVD
Comedy Children's