I Was Monty's Double

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  • John Guillermin (1958)
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  • 96 min
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4 out of 5

The Second World War as fought on the pages of popular fiction is littered with doubles planted as decoys to divert the enemy away from a vital theatre of operation. But, as is so often the case, it is the truth that provides the best stories. This drama from director John Guillermin gains credibility not only because the title role is played by General Montgomery's double himself, ME Clifton James, but also because his autobiography has been so skilfully adapted by Bryan Forbes. The result is astute, unassuming and very slick.

Plot Summary

Second World War drama starring John Mills and Cecil Parker. The true story of how a bit-part actor bearing a remarkable likeness to General Montgomery was sent to North Africa to convince the Nazis that an invasion of Europe was to be launched from that area in 1944.

Cast and crew


Major Harvey
John Mills
Colonel Logan
Cecil Parker
Colonel Matthers
Patrick Allen
ME Clifton James
M E Clifton James
Colonel Dawson
Patrick Holt
Major Tennant
Leslie Phillips
Governor of Gibraltar
Michael Hordern
Marius Goring
Barbara Hicks
YMCA porter
Sidney James
Orderly Sergeant
Victor Maddern
Small man
Alfie Bass
Adjutant RAPC
John Le Mesurier
Young lieutenant
Bryan Forbes
Civilian (end scene)
Harry Fowler


John Guillermin

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Black and White
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