Flowers for Algernon

Flowers for Algernon

Jeff Bleckner (2000)

PG Certificate


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Daniel Keyes's prize-winning short story has been filmed twice before, as The Two Worlds of Charlie Gordon (a 1961 TV movie) and Charly (1968). Cliff Robertson won an Oscar for his performance in the latter and it's impossible to view Matthew Modine's interpretation of the role without making unfavourable comparisons. That said, he still manages to capture something of the touching trust with which his mentally challenged character allows himself to undergo surgery in order to fulfil his ambition of becoming a genius. The scientific warnings are valid. But Modine's moon-faced adoration of teacher Kelli Williams perhaps isn't the best way of making them.


A bakery worker with learning disabilities agrees to take part in medical trials intended to boost his IQ, but the side effects have devastating consequences. Drama adapted from a tale by Daniel Keyes, starring Matthew Modine, Kelli Williams, Richard Chevolleau and Bonnie Bedelia.

Cast & Crew

Charlie Gordon Matthew Modine
Alice Kelli Williams
Dr Jonah Strauss Ron Rifkin
Rose Bonnie Bedelia
Burt Richard Chevolleau
Gimpy Jeff Pustil
Director Jeff Bleckner
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Language: EnglishColour