Mosquito Squadron

  • PG
  • Boris Sagal (1968)
  • UK
  • 89 min
Mosquito Squadron
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2 out of 5

In this derivative Second World War adventure, a host of familiar faces that you can't quite put a name to keep their upper lips stiff as our boys try to destroy a French chateau containing a Nazi super-weapon, the V3. David McCallum makes light of his character's awful name (Quint Munroe), playing an RAF pilot who must comfort his missing friend's wife and lead the mission. Only some nice flying sequences and the mellifluous support of Charles Gray pass muster.

Plot Summary

Second World War adventure starring David McCallum. In 1944, Canadian-born RAF pilot Quint Munroe takes command of a squadron after his best friend is lost in action. When Munroe is asked to mount a major mission over France to destroy Germany's ultimate rocket weapon, he discovers that Allied prisoners are being used as a human shield.

Cast and crew


Quint Munroe
David McCallum (1)
Beth Scott
Suzanne Neve
Squadron Leader David Scott
David Buck
Flight Lieutenant Douglas Shelton
David Dundas
Wing Commander Penrose
Dinsdale Landen
Air Commodore Hufford
Charles Gray
Father Bellague
Michael Anthony
Lieutenant Schack
Vladek Sheybal


Boris Sagal

Other Information

Edited for violence and language.
Available on video and DVD
Certificate PG