Murder 101

  • Christian I Nyby II (2006)
  • US
  • 105 min
Murder 101
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2 out of 5

Dick Van Dyke reunites with his Diagnosis Murder director Christian Nyby II for this routine murder mystery. Bringing his customary warmth and charm to the role of bumbling criminology expert Jonathan Maxwell, Van Dyke stars alongside his real-life son, Barry (who plays a private eye). Together, the duo enjoy an easy chemistry as they try to prove the innocence of reporter Tracey Needham, who's accused of blowing up a successful executive. Fans of shows like Murder, She Wrote will know exactly what to expect, but despite the film's predictability it's a diverting enough entertainment.

Plot Summary

Murder mystery starring Dick Van Dyke and Barry Van Dyke. When investigative reporter Cheryl Collins is wrongfully suspected of murdering corrupt businessman Nelson Raymond, the combined sleuthing talents of criminology professor Jonathan Maxwell and private detective Mike Bryant are required.

Cast and crew


Prof Jonathan Maxwell
Dick Van Dyke
Mike Bryant
Barry Van Dyke
Cheryl Collins
Tracey Needham
Lt Dietrich
William Allen Young
Nelson Raymond
Anthony John Denison
Dr Louise Raymond
Lisa Thornhill
Max Arnholdt
Bradford English
Karl Larch
Carmen Argenziano


Christian I Nyby II

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