Yellow Canary

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  • Herbert Wilcox (1943)
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  • 98 min
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2 out of 5

It may not sound like it, but this is a Second World War Herbert Wilcox-Anna Neagle adventure, with Neagle spying for good old Blighty by pretending to be a Nazi sympathiser in Canada. Interestingly, the screenplay of this preposterous tosh was written by actor/playwright Miles Malleson and film historian DeWitt Bodeen, better known for his RKO Val Lewton thrillers (Cat People and The Seventh Victim). Director Wilcox hasn't a clue how to build the thrills inherent in this kind of material, and as Neagle and her intelligence shadow Richard Greene sabotage the Nazi plot to blow up a Nova Scotia harbour, the whole thing becomes gently risible. Trouble is, it wasn't meant to be funny.

Plot Summary

Second World War spy drama starring Anna Neagle. Suspected Nazi sympathiser Sally Maitland gets caught up in a dangerous plot when she leaves wartime Britain for Canada.

Cast and crew


Sally Maitland
Anna Neagle
Jim Garrick
Richard Greene
Mrs Towcester
Margaret Rutherford
Betty Maitland
Nova Pilbeam
Jan Orlock
Albert Lieven
Madame Orlock
Lucie Mannheim
Lady Maitland
Marjorie Fielding
German commander
Valentine Dyall
David Horne
Major Fothergill
Claude Bailey


Herbert Wilcox

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