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  • Kenneth Branagh (2007)
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Director Joseph L Mankiewicz's 1972 adaptation of Anthony Shaffer's stage play about a cuckolded writer battling with his wife's lover starred Laurence Olivier and Michael Caine. Thirty-five years later, Caine takes over the Olivier role as the vengeful scribe and Jude Law plays the young actor and his opponent in the psychological games that ensue. Both would have been well advised not to have bothered - this stilted retread has none of the original's theatrical brio. Kenneth Branagh's uncertain direction is partly to blame, as he never finds a satisfactory tone for the piece. But the chief offender is screenwriter Harold Pinter, who admits that he had seen neither play nor film before accepting the job. His leaden, misjudged screenplay has none of the sense of mischievous glee that animated the earlier screen version and it leaves the actors floundering, particularly a miscast Law.

Plot Summary

Mystery starring Michael Caine and Jude Law. Thriller writer Andrew Wyke is visited at his country home by struggling actor Milo Tindle. But Tindle doesn't realise that Wyke has an ulterior motive - he knows the younger man is having an affair with his wife. As the night goes on, the men play a series of sadistic psychological games with each other.

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Andrew Wyke
Michael Caine
Milo Tindle
Jude Law
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Harold Pinter


Kenneth Branagh

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Contains swearing.
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Released 23 Nov 2007
Certificate 15
Paramount Home Entertainment (UK) .