Escape to Witch Mountain

Escape to Witch Mountain

John Hough (1975)

U Certificate


Our Score
With actors such as Ray Milland, Eddie Albert and Donald Pleasence treating this Disney children's sci-fi drama as seriously as any other adult-themed film they might tackle, the result, with a well-written narrative by Robert Malcolm Young, succeeds in being pacey, scary and sentimental. Milland is oozingly malevolent as the villain who wants to use the clairvoyant powers of two youngsters for his own nefarious ends. Bette Davis was to loom alarmingly in the follow-up movie Return from Witch Mountain, but this has plenty of thrills for grown-ups and children alike.


Two psychic children go on the run in an attempt to discover their true origin, hotly pursued by a wicked millionaire who wants to make use of their powers. A lonely widowed man helps them to escape, and leads them on a journey to a mountain where they believe their parents are waiting for them. Disney sci-fi adventure, starring Ray Milland, Donald Pleasence and Eddie Albert.

Cast & Crew

Tia Malone Kim Richards
Tony Malone Ike Eisenmann
Aristotle Bolt Ray Milland
Jason O'Day Eddie Albert
Lucas Deranian Donald Pleasence
Sheriff Purdy Walter Barnes
Mrs Grindley Reta Shaw
Uncle Bene Denver Pyle
Astrologer Alfred Ryder
Ubermann Lawrence Montaigne
Biff Jenkins Terry Wilson
Director John Hough
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video and DVD
Drama Children's