Rangers Attack at Hour X

Rangers Attack at Hour X

Roberto Bianchi Montero (1970)

PG Certificate


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Plodding war drama starring Dale Cummings as the special forces major deliberately landing himself in a PoW camp to orchestrate an attack on a nearby weapons facility.


PoWs plot an escape from a German prison camp, but they find their plans disrupted by the arrival of a new inmate. Second World War drama, starring Dale Cummings and Carlo Hinterman. In Italian.

Cast & Crew

Maj Higginson Dale Cummings
Col Davenport Carlo Hinterman
Hauptmann Franco Ressel
Stoker Ben Carra
Capt Cabot Mimmo Palmara
Lt Porter Riccardo Salvino
Lt Williams Rodolfo Valadier
McGregor Rick Boyd
Director Roberto Bianchi Montero
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Other Information

Language: Italian dubbedColour