Flash Point

  • 18
  • Wilson Yip (2007)
  • HK (SUB)
  • 83 min
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2 out of 5

A Hong Kong cop pulls out all the stops to take down the crime empire of three Vietnamese brothers in this sloppy vehicle for martial arts star Donnie Yen. He plays Inspector Ma, one of those dedicated detectives who gets the job done by leaving a pile of corpses in his wake. What little attention Ma pays to the letter of the law is completely disregarded when the sibling baddies cripple his undercover partner (Louis Koo) and then focus on wiping out all the witnesses to their crimes. Directors John Woo and Johnnie To handle these kind of cops v gangster tales effortlessly, but in the hands of Yip Wai Shun (Ip Man) it never really convinces - the scene involving a bomb in a chicken being more funny than suspenseful. The grappling fighting style that Yen adopts is also less than gripping to watch, with all his various locks and holds simply wasting valuable scuffle time. It's not totally without merit, with the decent production values and fight scenes in a lift and a street café worthy of mention, but the all-action finale fails to redeem it, and even resorts to some shamelessly speeded-up fisticuff exchanges.

Plot Summary

Martial arts crime thriller starring Donnie Yen. In the months leading up to the return of Hong Kong to China, dedicated but unconventional cop Ma works with undercover officer Wilson to expose the dealings of a smuggling ring run by three dangerous Vietnamese brothers. It's a situation that threatens to explode at any moment.

Cast and crew


Inspector Ma
Donnie Yen
Louis Koo
Collin Chou
Ray Lui
Bingbing Fan
Xing Yu
Inspector Wong
Kent Cheng
Madam Lau
Xu Qing


Wilson Yip

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Cantonese +subtitles
Contains violence.
Available on DVD and BluRay
Certificate 18
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