Circle of Friends

  • Stefan Pleszczynski (2006)
  • Can / US
  • 88 min
Circle of Friends
Film Review
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2 out of 5

Dexter star Julie Benz plays amateur detective in this unconvincing whodunnit. Returning to her home town, the young widow becomes sure that the sudden deaths of a number of her old schoolfriends were actually down to murder. Cue lots of ominous music and an irritating bunch of rambling flashbacks, as director Stefan Pleszczynski struggles to create an air of suspense. Unfortunately, events are too slight and implausible to have much of an impact, while a slushy romance between Benz and old flame Chris Kramer only dissipates the narrative tension further. Even the attempted red herrings fall victim to the film's poor pacing and banal execution, making the killer's true identity come as little surprise.

Plot Summary

Mystery thriller starring Julie Benz. A woman returns to her home town following the death of her husband and is shocked to discover that his demise may be linked to the murders of several former schoolfriends.

Cast and crew


Maggie Dale
Julie Benz
Harry Salinger
Chris Kramer
Susan Jennings
Venus Terzo
Joan Salinger
Paula Costain
Emily Howard
Adrianne Richards
Rob West
Kent McQuaid
Detective Bill McDougall
Peter Michael Dillon
Reporter / Bobby
Leif Anderson
Andrew Jennings
Randy Thomas
Nicolas Wright


Stefan Pleszczynski

Other Information

Edited for language, violence and sex scenes.