The Shop at Sly Corner

The Shop at Sly Corner

George King (1946)

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Retitled Code of Scotland Yard in the States, this reworking of Edward Percy's hit play is a splendid showcase for that master of malevolence Oscar Homolka. With an accent thicker than his eyebrows, he is suitably shifty as an antiques dealer who not only trades in stolen goods but is also a fugitive from Devil's Island. However, he is occasionally in serious danger of having the picture filched from under his nose by Kenneth Griffith, who is revoltingly effective as a blackmailing assistant who threatens to ruin the musical career of Homolka's daughter, Muriel Pavlow. Stagey, but played to the hilt.


An ex-con murders his blackmailing book-keeper in an effort to protect his violinist daughter's blossoming career. Thriller, starring Oscar Homolka, Muriel Pavlow, Derek Farr and Irene Handl.

Cast & Crew

Descius Heiss Oscar Homolka
Robert Graham Derek Farr
Margaret Heiss Muriel Pavlow
Archie Fellowes Kenneth Griffith
Corder Morris Manning Whiley
Mrs Catt Kathleen Harrison
Major Elliot Garry Marsh
Professor Vanetti Jan Van Loewen
Ruby Towser Irene Handl
Director George King
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: British Lion Film Corp Ltd