The Plank

The Plank

Eric Sykes (1967)

U Certificate


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A joyously inventive British "silent" comedy from writer/director Eric Sykes about the misadventures of two builders delivering wood to a house. Sykes himself is "Smaller workman" to Tommy Cooper's "Larger workman", and, although not all the jokes are completely fresh, the fun is in the effective sound effects, and the spotting of comedy icons such as Jimmy Edwards (policeman), Jimmy Tarbuck (barman) and Roy Castle (man covered in garbage) in unfamiliar poses and surroundings. Music hall on the hoof.


Two clumsy workmen have the job of transporting a plank through a London suburb to a building site. However, this simple task proves far from straightforward, as they cause a series of bizarre mishaps and accidents along the way. Slapstick comedy directed by Eric Sykes, who also stars alongside Tommy Cooper.

Cast & Crew

Larger workman Tommy Cooper
Smaller workman Eric Sykes
Policeman Jimmy Edwards
Man covered in garbage Roy Castle
Amorous van driver Graham Stark
Station sergeant Stratford Johns
House painter Jim Dale
Barman Jimmy Tarbuck
Woman with rose Hattie Jacques
Chauffeur Johnny Speight
Director Eric Sykes
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Other Information

ColourTheatrical distributor: Assoc. London Films LtdAvailable on: video and DVD