I'm All Right Jack

I'm All Right Jack

John Boulting (1959)

U Certificate


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The Boulting Brothers' sparkling comedy of industrial manners reunites many of the cast of their 1956 national service classic Private's Progress. The scene this time is a factory where Dennis Price and Richard Attenborough are once more knee-deep in shady dealings and in need of naive Ian Carmichael to unwittingly carry them through. Terry-Thomas also returns from the earlier film, this time playing the personnel manager driven to distraction by Carmichael's incompetence. But stealing the entire show is Peter Sellers as the union official chained to the rule book, whose faith in communism is inspired by thoughts of "all them cornfields and ballet in the evenings".


A dim-witted man looking for a career in industry gets a job at his uncle's weapons factory. He ends up an unwitting pawn of both the scheming management and the rebellious trade union, and becomes a central figure in a strike that has been manipulated as part of a dodgy arms deal. Satirical comedy, starring Ian Carmichael, Peter Sellers, Terry-Thomas and Richard Attenborough.

Cast & Crew

Stanley Windrush Ian Carmichael
Fred Kite Peter Sellers
Major Hitchcock Terry-Thomas
Sidney de Vere Cox Richard Attenborough
Bertram Tracepurcel Dennis Price
Aunt Dolly Margaret Rutherford
Mrs Kite Irene Handl
Cynthia Kite Liz Fraser
Windrush Sr Miles Malleson
Mr Mohammed Marne Maitland
Waters John Le Mesurier
Magistrate Raymond Huntley
TV panel chairman Malcolm Muggeridge
Dai Kenneth Griffith
Perce Carter Donal Donnelly
Crawley Terry Scott
Director John Boulting
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Other Information

Language: EnglishBlack and whiteTheatrical distributor: Charter Film Prods LtdAvailable on: video, DVD and Blu-ray