I'm a Cyborg, but That's OK

  • 15
  • Park Chan-wook (2006)
  • S Kor (SUB)
  • 102 min
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3 out of 5

Park Chan-wook wanted to follow up his brutal "vengeance" trilogy with a film that his young daughter could watch: this curious mix of fairy-tale-like fantasy and slapstick romantic comedy is the result. Although some of his trademark blood and profanities are in evidence, the story of a girl who thinks she's a cyborg certainly shows the Korean co-writer/director's playful side. Events are centred around a highly stylised psychiatric hospital, where factory worker Cha Young-goon (Lim Soo-jung) has been sent after an act of self-mutilation. She chats to vending machines and tries to eat batteries, gradually getting sicker from refusing "human" food. Only kleptomaniac fellow patient Park Il-sun (played by pop star Rain) can connect with her, using his own delusions to help. The director's extraordinary imagination is evident throughout, creating a charming and vivid experience. But his self-conscious wackiness sometimes undermines the narrative, making this more a patchwork of eccentric occurrences than a coherent feature.

Plot Summary

Comedy drama starring Lim Soo-jung and Asian pop star Rain. Cha Young-goon is admitted to a psychiatric hospital believing she's a cyborg. Surrounded by a host of equally colourful characters, she chats to vending machines and tries to eat batteries. Her unique behaviour attracts the attention of fellow patient Park Il-Sun and an unusual friendship slowly forms.

Cast and crew


Cha Young-goon
Lim Soo-jung
Park Il-sun
Jung Ji-hoon
Choi Seul-gi
Choi Hee-jin
Shin Duk-cheon
Oh Dahl-su
Oh Seul-mi
Lee Young-mi
Wang Gop-dan
Park Jun-myun
Lee Dae-pyung
Kim Choon-gi
Sohn Eun-young
Joo Hee


Park Chan-wook

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Korean +subtitles
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Tartan Films
Available on DVD and BluRay
Released 4 Apr 2008
Certificate 15
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