The Christmas Gift

The Christmas Gift

David S Cass Sr (2009)

U Certificate


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In this flimsy heart-tugger, a couple desperate for children (Dean Cain and Jean Louisa Kelly) take in three troublesome orphans for the festive period. But though the so-called "Holy Terrors" have limited charm for viewers - especially when all they do is bicker - it's immediately obvious from Kelly's infatuated expression what the outcome of their stay will be. Consequently, the bulk of the film feels like padding in preparation for the happy-ever-after ending, as veteran TV director David S Cass Sr piles on the simplistic morals and messages to remind the audience of the magic of kids and Christmas. Where the drama works best is in the scenes exploring the vulnerability behind the boys' fake bravado, which add moments of much-needed poignancy to an otherwise emotionally bland tale.


A cold-hearted architect is sent to assess a small town for possible redevelopment as a ski resort, and decides to take his daughter along on the trip. But before long, their warm welcome by the residents begins to melt his frosty facade, turning him against his boss and the company's unscrupulous plans. Drama, starring John Denver, Jane Kaczmarek and Kurtwood Smith.

Cast & Crew

Jack Green Dean Cain
Cherie Green Jean Louisa Kelly
Rita Green Mimi Kennedy
Ray Spencir Bridges
Mike Dylan Sprayberry
Rodney Reginald VelJohnson
Henry Alex Zubarev
Director David S Cass Sr
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Language: EnglishColour