The Christmas Gift

  • Michael Pressman (1986)
  • US
  • 97 min
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2 out of 5

Scrooge turns folk singer in this mild-mannered reworking of the Dickens festive favourite. Everything is humbug to widowed architect John Denver until he's sent to a small town in the Rockies to clear the way for a major new development. Gradually, the mountain air begins to soften his cynical city soul, although it takes his daughter's rescue from the snow finally to persuade him to stand by his new pals. Never a great actor, Denver is too amiable to affect a convincing transformation from embittered careerist to tuneful nice guy. However, it's the cloying sentimentality that really makes this such a turn off.

Plot Summary

Seasonal drama starring John Denver. Widowed architect George Billings and his young daughter Alexandra visit the small Colorado town of Georgetown at Christmas. George's boss intends to redevelop the town as a ski resort, but a little seasonal magic begins to sway his employee's mind

Cast and crew


George Billings
John Denver
Susan McMillan
Jane Kaczmarek
Thomas A Renfield
Edward Winter
Alexandra Billings
Gennie James
Jake Richards
Kurtwood Smith
Henrietta Sawyer
Mary Wickes
Jake Richards
Kurtwood Smith


Michael Pressman

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